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Promotions Terms


The operational framework of the platform’s promotions is guided by a defined set of terms. These terms delineate the structure and prerequisites for a variety of offerings, including daily and weekly tournaments, roulette tournaments, and achievements. Daily tournaments employ a scoring mechanism based on both “max winnings rate” and “win streak” formulas. Players are automatically enrolled in these tournaments upon accumulating points from eligible games. Weekly tournaments, on the other hand, utilize a “winnings sum” formula, determining cash prize allocation according to leaderboard standings. A Booster feature is activated when a player, one rank higher, remains inactive for more than 15 minutes. Activity status indicators on the leaderboard provide additional information. Importantly, participants should be aware that earned points are specific to individual tournaments and cannot be transferred.

Structure of Daily Tournaments

According to Promotions Terms, the Daily Tournaments form a substantial part of the promotional landscape, running from 00:00 CET to 23:00 CET each day. These tournaments employ a dual scoring system, incorporating “max winnings rate” and “win streak” formulas to determine participant rankings. The “max winnings rate” structure assigns points based on various win thresholds, while the “win streak” mechanism rewards consecutive victories. Boosters, automatically activated when the player above becomes inactive, enhance point accumulation by 50%. It is noteworthy that color-coded indicators on the leaderboard signify a player’s activity status, providing a quick reference for participants.

Tournament Type Timing Scoring Mechanism Minimum Bet Size
Daily Tournaments 00:00 to 23:00 CET Max winnings rate and Win streak formulas Varies (Check Tournament Rules)

Weekly Tournaments and Additional Leaderboards

Weekly Tournaments extend from 00:00 CET every Wednesday to 23:00 CET the following Tuesday. Employing a “winnings sum” formula, participants earn 100 points for each $1 win. The Additional Leaderboards feature introduces extra rewards, including Best Win per Spin, Best Score per Spin, Best Win Streak, and Best Win Multiplier. These additional competitions further diversify the promotional landscape, fostering engagement among participants.

Tournament Type Timing Scoring Mechanism Minimum Bet Size
Weekly Tournaments Wednesday 00:00 to Tuesday 23:00 Winnings sum formula Varies (Check Tournament Rules)
Additional Leaderboards Various Varies (Check Tournament Rules)

Roulette Tournaments and Countdown Timers

Roulette Tournaments are a distinct promotional element, occurring every Tuesday from 00:00 CET to 23:00 CET the following Monday. The scoring mechanism follows a “winnings sum” formula, awarding 1 point for each $1 win. Countdown timers displayed for all tournaments serve as valuable guides, indicating the conclusion of live tournaments and the commencement of upcoming ones.

Tournament Type Timing Scoring Mechanism Minimum Bet Size
Roulette Tournaments Tuesday 00:00 to Monday 23:00 Winnings sum formula Varies (Check Tournament Rules)

The platform’s promotional terms form a structured framework, encompassing various tournaments and achievements. Understanding the nuances of each promotion, including scoring mechanisms and additional features, is imperative for participants seeking to navigate and engage with the platform’s diverse promotional offerings.

About Bonuses

The bonus framework implemented on the platform encompasses two main categories, as written in Promotions Terms: General Achievements and One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements. General Achievements are obtained through the completion of specific challenges within the platform. Successfully achieving these unlocks a 100% deposit bonus, capped at $300, and an additional non-deposit bonus of $100. Essential considerations for participants include adhering to specified wagering requirements, managing capped bonus winnings, and acknowledging the maximum bet limit imposed per round.

General Achievements and Bonus Details

General Achievements, a subset of bonuses, require participants to fulfill designated onsite challenges. Upon successful completion, players gain access to a 100% deposit bonus, with a maximum limit of $300. Additionally, a non-deposit bonus of $100 is awarded. However, it is crucial to note the accompanying terms and conditions, including a wagering requirement of 30x the deposit + bonus value. Bonus winnings are subject to a cap at 20x the value of the bonus. Moreover, players should be mindful of the maximum value restriction for wagers in a single round, which should not exceed 20% of the original bonus value, up to $10.

One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements

One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements form another facet of the bonus structure, offering deposit and non-deposit bonuses upon completion of specific challenges on designated slot games. The deposit bonuses range from 50% to 200%, with associated caps and wagering requirements mirroring those of General Achievements. Non-deposit bonuses, ranging from $30 to $200, are subject to a similar set of conditions. Participants must exercise diligence in meeting the achievement criteria within predefined timeframes to facilitate timely activation.

Achievements Timeframe Considerations

Timeframes play a critical role in bonus activation. As Promotions Terms said, participants must ensure that they fulfill the requirements of General Achievements and One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements within stipulated periods. Failure to do so may result in the expiration of bonuses. For General Achievements, rewards must be activated within three days of the conclusion of the associated challenges. One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements bonuses, once activated, necessitate qualification within three days to avoid removal from the participant’s account.

The platform’s bonus structure comprises General Achievements and One/Three/Five Game Combo Achievements. These bonuses offer deposit and non-deposit incentives, each governed by specific terms and conditions. Participants are advised to meticulously review and adhere to these conditions, encompassing wagering requirements, capped bonus winnings, and maximum bet limits. Additionally, proactive management of achievement timeframes is crucial to ensure the timely activation and retention of earned bonuses.

About Free Spins

The Free Spins feature, an integral component of the platform’s promotional strategy, is activated through a structured process of account verification. This verification encompasses identity, email, and phone verification procedures, ensuring a secure and accountable environment for participants. Players can unlock the Free Spins feature by engaging in the Refer-a-Friend promotion, providing an avenue for existing users to invite new players into the platform.

Refer-a-Friend Promotion and Bonus Details

Under the Refer-a-Friend promotion, existing users have the opportunity to invite an unlimited number of new players, granting them access to the Free Spins feature. The promotional mechanics involve a 50% bonus, credited to the inviting user after the new player receives their cashback. Notably, this bonus is contingent upon fulfilling a x1 wagering requirement, specifically on the cashback bonus amount. Promotions Terms say that participants should be aware that fraudulent activities can trigger consequences for both accounts involved, leading to potential restrictions on bonuses.

Considerations for Unlimited Invitations

While the Refer-a-Friend promotion generously allows users to extend invitations to an unlimited number of friends, it is imperative to approach this feature with caution. Engaging in fraudulent activities, such as attempting to exploit the promotion through unauthorized means, may not only lead to account repercussions but also affect the calculation and crediting of bonuses.

Bonus Tracking in “Refer-a-Friend” Section

For user convenience, the platform offers a dedicated “Refer-a-Friend” section where participants can easily track the bonuses they have received through successful invitations. This streamlined tracking process ensures transparency and clarity regarding the bonuses associated with the Refer-a-Friend promotion.

Bonus Activation and Expiry Considerations

Participants engaging in the Refer-a-Friend promotion should be mindful of the activation and expiry conditions related to bonuses. The 50% bonus, credited to the inviting user, is subject to a x1 wagering requirement on the cashback bonus amount. Prompt activation of the bonus is essential, and participants must adhere to the specified timeframes to ensure that the bonus remains valid and accessible.

So, the Free Spins feature, activated through meticulous account verification, plays a pivotal role in the platform’s promotional offerings. The Refer-a-Friend promotion, with its unlimited invitation potential, introduces a 50% bonus, contingent upon specific wagering requirements. Participants should exercise caution to avoid engaging in fraudulent activities, and the platform provides a user-friendly “Refer-a-Friend” section for efficient tracking of received bonuses. Understanding the bonus activation and expiry conditions is crucial for participants seeking to maximize the benefits of the Refer-a-Friend promotion.

About Welcome Bonus

The platform’s Welcome Bonus is a pivotal aspect of the user onboarding experience. It encompasses a tiered structure linked to the number of games completed successfully. One Game Combo Achievement, achieved by completing ten challenges on a participating slot, rewards players with a 50% deposit bonus up to $200 and a $30 non-deposit bonus. Similarly, Three Game Combo and Five Game Combo Achievements, each involving challenges on three and five slots respectively, offer escalating deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. Wagering requirements, capped bonus winnings, and maximum bet limits per round mirror those present in other bonus offerings on the platform. Importantly, the Welcome Bonus provides a dynamic introduction to the platform’s gaming environment while adhering to the established promotional framework.